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Key Visual

Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design

Design the visual concept for Vietnam Festival of Creativity & Design.


Graphic Designer


Jun 2021


Graphic Design, Visual Concept


RMIT University


About VFCD 2021 Festival.

This is the Key Visual design project for the Vietnam Design & Communication Festival organized by RMIT University annually VFCD on .

The project's theme of the year is "Creative Future", seeking a dominant image widely used in the media and vfcd website, in order to honor the creative values of Vietnamese people in the new era. The number of participants 50+ nationwide has gone through ideation round. Then Top 5 will present their idea. Finally, the judges will vote for Top 4. Luckily, I was one of the guys in Top 4 that year.

Problem Statements

The definition of the "creative future" is an open topic. The identity for this festival requires bold national culture but still conveys the theme of the vision of the future design industry and the connection of key visual with people through the association with the fields like: culture, technology, etc official VFCD site .

The Solutions

Ideas and implementation

With the idea of the editing pointer or insertion pointer (con trỏ chuột) , an implicit "write in the future" is combined with traditional cultural values such as: Bánh trưng, nón lá, .. as well as combining texture patterns. especially from life materials such as roadside tiles, stools, bamboo, flower bricks, etc.

Key Visual works I applied my coding ability to make a generative pattern tool website at , which makes a good impression on the judges by combining technology with design products for a Key Visual design project.

The Outcome

What i have learnt.

The product received many compliments from the judges and everyone. Learning about design that is highly applicable in terms of choosing colors, patterns and graphic elements that make an impression not only visually, but also experientially.

Certificate from RMIT University Vietnam