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UX Case Study

IELTS Tinder Platform

Finding friends to practice speaking English in a new way.


UX/UI Designer


April 2022


Web-based App




About IELTS Tinder

This platform allows you to find English speaking practice friends according to different sections of the IELTS speaking test. Its predecessor was a mobile application that was later taken over by another UI/UX team that was later designed and changed some unnecessary functional flows for the web version.

Previously, the team oriented the main functions quite specifically from the needs and insights from users as well as obtained the Prototypes of the previous mobile version (but needed to redesign the style to suit the target user from 18 to 25). Therefore, the process of product redesign has also been outlined for each stage.

Problem Statements

About UI: It is completely impossible to reuse the UI styles of the previous mobile version of another team, because it is quite outdated as well as the components do not have appropriate padding, spacing and have too many colors in one system. design.

About UX: After reviewing the features that are prioritized when cardsorting, the Team found that retaining old features such as "social network", "dumbing room" does not bring much value to the business but costs quite a bit. many resources, when the main purpose of users coming to IELTS Tinder is to pair up in an academic way and join a speaking practice room together after connecting.

Besides, the Team also had problems with personnel and technical side so deciding to give MVP for each stage of development is quite optimal for that situation.

UI Redesign Challenge

The Solutions

Any ideas and solutions?

The design system has more consistency and fixes errors in padding, margin, etc.

Follow the priority feature list for the MVP from time to time by cutting down on some unnecessary functional flows as stated earlier to invest development resources for the "matching" function - connecting and practicing speaking.

Through the initial planned wireflow testing, I have a suggestion to change the login/signup flow. Previously, the system forced users to log in or register to use this platform. Having to provide their personal information to experience the product will reduce the number of potential users significantly. The solution I give is for users to see and experience right after accessing and only ask them to register an account when they start performing the "matching" operation, the system will automatically navigate to the account registration page. account.

A small detail worth noting, when users start matching to find friends to practice speaking, they often open a browser tab to look up the band score composition for new users or do not know the grading criteria. of the IELTS exam. I suggest showing the tooltip right next to their score band so they can see more details if needed.

Moreover, the suggestion to download only 1 short video for users to demonstrate their English speaking ability to others instead of a gallery of images or audio files as before not only helps to optimize the storage system, but also helps Users are more careful with their profiles, avoiding distractions when they have to post too many things on their profiles, thereby increasing the match rate and also reducing the burden on the data system.

Color palette



Poppins (1.25)

The Outcome

What i have learnt.

In addition to designing digital products with good aesthetics, systematicity and good reuse with contrains, autoplayout, component-variant, etc. Priority setting, good design management organization helps to increase flexibility. Active when receiving customer feedback for subsequent changes and improvements is said to be a user-centric solution. Know the balance between features that bring usefulness to users and value to businesses.