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Pandemic Visualization

Tracking Realtime Covid-19 Situation Around the world.


Front-end Developer


Jan 2022


Web-based App


CSE Department


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About this Project

Pandemic in general and COVID-19 in particular has affected every aspect of our lives, from our health to our economy.

As the pandemic continues to evolve, there is a growing need for accurate, up-to-date information on the spread of the virus and its impact on different regions and populations. So Visuaization is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to understand the impact of the pandemic with a comprehensive overview of the current national or worldwide situation in an easy-to-understand format.

2019 - 2022

Top 1

Google Trends


Vietnamese Deaths


Global Deaths

2023 - now


BF7 (China) , XBB (Vietnam),..


Till not an endemic disease


Daily Global Deaths

  • 1

    Missing Information: Having to follow through the press and media is a big drawback.

  • 2

    Raw Data Issue: hard to handle & waste time to view the current situation. epidemic.

  • 3

    Situation Prediction: Pandemic makes us hesitant to make any (travel) decisions.

  • 4

    Virus Strains: The epidemic develops abnormally with many mutated viruses capable of vaccine resistance.

  • 5

    The Shortcomings: Current applications do not have diverse and well-integrated features.

Competitors Audit

TheFeatures API

Truthful Data Source

1. Reliable Mutil-Source: Crawl ing from official national sites 2. Constantly Updated: always getting the newest data as the original sources updated.

Playing with charts

View charts as you want

Make a change for a better view, this system allow users to change the chart’s criteria ( date range, disease types,…) or even download it as pdf..

Search & Sort

View a country you want

allows you to select other countries to view with a list of countries organized to your liking.

National covid-19 prediction

Scheduling without hesitation

make informed decisions about travel, health, and safety through the help of ML algorithm to predict future covid cases or deaths at any countries that you want..


Control the Virus spread

Grouping countries with similar epidemic situation to the country that users are viewing for detecting the impacts of new variants.

Vaccines efficiency

National Vaccine evaluation

Epidemic status of the country after vaccine coverage for the entire population.

Continental comparison

countries in the same region

They can identify areas that need extra support, track the effectiveness of their policies and interventions, and communicate important information to their citizens.

IP Detection

Your country is our priority.

Detect user IP browser for the first loading country dashboard.

Wordwide situation

Global pandemic tracking

world map and more on epidemic status overview.

Deployment Github x Netlify

Free for online accessing

Ready to use as Web version for engaging many users..

The Process

File Structure

  • 1

    Get all countries: getAllCountries() to get a list of countries got covid-19 pandemic.

  • 2

    Detect User's Country: getUserCountry() to get user country CODE (ex: VN, US,..) for the first loading in Country Dashboard.

  • 3

    Process & Render for a Specific Country: countryClick(CountryCode) specifies CODE to get unprocessed data for a country getForCountry(countryCode, countryContinent) from APIs.

    Then the data will be processed handleGetForCountry(hisC, vacC, contiC) to fit different chart types & features.

    Finally, it is rendered in View. If the user clicks to view a different country, Step (3) will be repeated by specifying that new CODE to Re-render again.

  • 1

    Get all countries: getAllCountries(), getTotalWorld(), getHistoricalWorld(), getTotalContinents() from

  • 2

    Process & Render for worldwide situation: Handle total global highlights, Daily statistics, Continents statistics. Then, render in view

Vue 3

Front-end Framework

Vue X

State Management

Node JS

JS environment


Charting Library

Ant Design

Component Framework


Fetching method


CSS framework


JavaScript utility library


Number Formatter


Date Formatter


IP Detection


ML Method for prediction


ML Method for Clustering


The overall achievement







SWOT Analysis

  • Applied Machine Learning algorithms: Regression , K-means for solving real-life problems.

  • Knowledge about types of chart for data Visualization.

  • Work with JS Asynchronous & Lifecycle Hooks, when dealing with APIs.

  • Implement Data processing for different features with Vue Framework, JavaScript.

  • A useful preparation tool for any upcoming pandemics due to modularization and File organization.

  • Basically solved the shortcomings of the the current applications, but still need to iterate for a better version.

  • Increase user reach for commercialization of advertising purposes.

The Final Screens